Daily WOD

This is your last week guys! Time to re-test your fitness and get after that Challenge Wod! A few things to remember:

You must re-do the wod EXACTLY how you did the first time through. Meaning same weights, same way all around.

You will also need to take your “After” photos in the same clothing you took your “Before” photos in. This provides a better comparison. Please also be aware of the lighting, make sure you are in a well lit room.

The Challange Wod is a piece of the criteria looked at when a winner is selected, so give it a good go.

Nutrition Wod:

For time: 800M Run, 50 Thrusters, 30KB Swings

Dumbbells: 55/20

Bar: 45/35

Kettlebell: 53/35

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