Daily WOD




1. Age/occupation/Any other personal info ie married..kids..

Bill: I am 53 years old, soon to be 54. I have been a Probation Officer with the San Diego Probation Department for 20 years. I am a single father raising two teenagers. A son and a daughter.

2. Favorite workout you’ve done in Crossfit

Bill: “DT” I love the movements

3. Favorite movements in Crossfit 

Bill: Deadlift and Power Cleans

4. Something we don’t know about you

Bill: I was an Army Airborne Ranger assigned to the 2nd Ranger Battalion from 1981 thru 1985

5. Why Crossfit Pride? How did you find us?

Bill: I had been in shape until I hit my early 40’s. By my mid 40’s I had stopped exercising regularly. I began to look and feel it.  Nicole, who was my girlfriend at the time, had been coming to CrossFit Pride for a while and had tried to get me to go. I finally relented. Even though the first time was something of a disaster, ask Coach Jenn, I decided to stick with it. I love the variety of the WOD’s and the people here are great.

6. Crossfit related goals you want to accomplish

Bill: Unbroken Double Unders. Improve my lifts, both weight and technique. Improve strength and range of motion in my shoulders which were diagnosed with arthritis two years ago.

7. Favorite meal, snack or treat

Bill: While I do not have one as often as I did, I love a good steak! I also love sushi.

8. What do you like to do in your free time? 

Bill: Spending time with my kids- whether its hiking, going to the movies or staying home playing video games. I enjoy playing golf with friends, though I am not that good at it. I also enjoy watching sports- baseball, basketball, MMA. But not football anymore, thanks to the Chargers.


Thank you for choosing me. It’s a great honor!


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