Daily WOD



This is the start to your LAST WEEK!! The challenge officially ends on May 20th, 2019! This week you have a few things to do!

  1. Complete the Challenge Wod as listed below, EXACTLY how you completed it the first week! (you can do this as many times in this week as you like, just submit you best score to me via text, please).
  2. Take your “After” photos in the EXACT clothing you submitted your first photos in. Please make sure you have adequate lighting. (Submit those via text as well, they will not be shared without your permission).
  3. Complete your final Check In, which will take place no later than Monday evening, May 20th. I will need your Final Weight.

I would like to announce the winner by Friday, May 24th! We will have an overall winner and a winner of the weekly challenges you participated in (Most points accrued wins! (If a tie occurs we will have a sudden death tie breaker, if needed)..

Challenge WOD ReTest:

For Time: 250M Row, 15 T2B, 15/10Cals on Bike, 15 Burpees, Row 250M, 15 Wallballs, 15/10Cals on Bike.

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