Daily WOD

Going out this weekend? Want to have a beer or drink and not sure how to track it? Here ya go:

This will require you to do a little research, but it will be worth it so that you can hopefully stay within your Macros and enjoy your weekend.

First thing is to figure out the Total Calories for the item you are consuming. So if its a 16oz beer, find some calorie information that seems legit. If it is too good to be true, chances are its not correct.

Once you know the amount and the total calories you are going to consume, you can add this to you Macros one of two ways. It can be added as a Carb or as a Fat. NOT BOTH.

If you want to track it as a Carb divide the total calories by 4 and you have your macro to manually input as a Carb.

Tracking as a Fat, take the total calories and divide by 9. Manually enter the macro for Fat only.

It is that simple. Some of you may find that the number is A LOT. Some drinks are worth exploring other alternatives. As always remember, I am not telling you not to drink, but your results will be hindered based on the amount you consume.

ALSO! REMINDER! Before photos and Wod times are due this Saturday the 22nd to be considered to win. I have 3 of you who have sent these in so far. Don’t waste the opportunity to potentially win some CASH! Happy Weekend!

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