Daily WOD

For those of you that I have not heard from, I do hope you have been trying to at least track your food and see where you stand daily. Hopefully this process has shown you some balance with your eating habits or choices. If you figure why check in now, it may not hurt you to do so. I am here and can help. Remember the more I know, the more I can help.

If I can leave you all with anything, do your best to have balanced meals. A Protein, Carb, Veggies, and Fat at every sitting. Stay consistent and keep getting your moving in daily! This should be something sustainable that you can just do with your lifestyle. Anything too restrictive will only leave you feeling like you can’t have certain things and many times leads to people quitting or viewing diets as impossible etc. Just remember its all about choice and what fuels your body to feel its best.

A winner will be announced Wednesday, September 30th.

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