Daily WOD

3 weeks down and 3 weeks to go! This is the part of the challenge where people tend to start kicking back a little. While there should be less stress surrounding your food entry, keep taking each day on as you have the first 3 weeks. Trust me, the more consistent you are, the greater the results.

In two weeks we will be starting the re-test of your challenge Wod and collecting your after photos. It will be here sooner than you think. Keep things in a forward motion, keep hitting those numbers, and don’t forget to check in. I have had a few of you sticking to the check ins, however, the farther into this we get the less of you are checking in with me. I can only help you, if I hear from you.

This week I would also like to challenge you all. I would like for you to share one thing, food related (recipe, cooking idea etc) with the group on the GroupMe app. This way you all can possibly get some new ideas. Many times we start just eating the same things and we do not shake things up. This will only lead you down the road of feeling like you cannot have anything fun. FAR FROM IT. Nothing is off the table. If you have a favorite meal that you just cant fit in your numbers, let me know, we can probably find a healthier option that still tastes good!

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!

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