Daily WOD

Guys we have 2 weeks left! Granted I do not believe many of you even read these blog posts, BUT the end is nearing and you all should be feeling better about what types of foods meet your individual needs etc. Stay Consistent and thats how you will see changes overall. Many people join challenges to loose a large amount of weight over a short period of time, but in reality that is not realistic and many times once a challenge ends that weight goes right back on. There are so many things out there that tell you they have the next quick fix, fat burners, cleanses, etc. They are all crap. That isn’t a normal way or a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off. What is then?? Its the one thing people do not want to hear, eating quality foods, getting in some exercise, and staying consistent with that.

Similar to driving a car, your gas mileage sucks when its a bunch of fast, slow, start, and stop. However, when you cruise at a general speed consistently, your gas goes farther and longer for you. Not to mention, your engine and all its components steadily work together better. Small changes, consistently made over time is the answer to being healthy. Some of you may be focused on the scale. Let me be the one to tell you its a big fat liar. Yes I have you weigh in, but thats not the end all be all. Feeling better in your clothes, feeling less bloated, noticing some muscle definition. THESE are the things we need to see and celebrate. I hope when this is over in the next two weeks you at least take away the idea of eating a balanced meal several times a day works better than binging on all the foods. I hope that your sleep has improved because you are eating better and better quality veggies. I hope that you continue to work towards your fitness goals and not look fora quick fix. If it was easy, everyone would be in shape 24/7.

Stay the course, this is meant to be a small weight loss a week thing, sometimes none at all. If you have been consistent and honest with yourself you will see the changes in the end! Keep moving forward my friends!

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