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Help, I didn’t lose weight this week..why? This is a very common question that comes up a lot. We are all on different journeys and do challenges/lifestyle changes for various reasons. When you are not new to the tracking game and you have been fairly successful in the past, results can slow or feel as though they have plateaued. This isn’t always the case. Most of the time, you are your own worst enemy. Harsh? Maybe. But its true. Look at the world we live in. Tons of filters exist to make you smaller, bigger in the right areas, softer toned skin etc. It is quite ridiculous if you ask me. Perfect has been advertised and driven into our headspace and its slowing your progress, whether you want to believe it or not.

Heard the saying, “trust the process”…there is so much truth in that small statement. When you stop focusing on the little stuff, they fall into suit. Muscles, six packs, and defined legs are byproducts of hard work and good nutrition. When you single one out and focus on it so much that you lose sight of everything else, you tend to get burnt out or discouraged. If you can let go of those things, your body will thank you in more ways than one. Living as lean as possible also isn’t always maintainable. So those wash board abs are great, but not practical. I wake up feeling lean and go to bed bloated. Nothing wrong there, I ate, fed my body what it needed and it grants me another day of movement and health. Moving my focus from hyper-focused to big picture, has been a GAME CHANGER. Here as some other things to look at each week when we check in.

What does your sleep look like? Did you know that getting less than six hours of sleep can lower your metabolism, thus slowing your progress?

How is your stress level? Stress can lead to missed meals resulting in poor food choices. It can directly effect energy levels and sleep patterns. This can then have the domino effect on your body and over all goals.

Are you drinking at least half your body weight in water? Drinking enough water helps burn calories, suppress your appetite when consumed before meals, and its a great way to stay hydrated. If you are under on your water intake your body will retain water, thus slowing your progress.

Are you actually resting? A lot of people feel that more is better, when on the contrary it isn’t always the case. Less can be more. Resting allows your mind and body a break, and your muscles the change to rebuild and grow. When you have your workouts, have days that you push that intensity and also have days where you go through the motions and move well, but with lower intensity. Your burn out will happen MUCH faster if your balls to the wall every day. It can also hinder your progress as your body is fatigued and inflamed and holds onto water.

Are you eating veggies? Veggies are so good for your recovery, weight loss, appetite, and energy levels. Veggies help your body break down all the protein you are consuming. Make sure you try to have at least a handful at every meal, and if that is too big of a challenge, add it to one meal a day for a week. Once you have that down, add it to two. Small steps will have a bigger over all impact.

How are your clothes fitting? Many times the scale doesn’t move because we are adding muscle in place of the fat loss. Muscle weighs more than fat and most likely if you are hitting your numbers regularly you will feel better. We are coming up on week 3. I encourage you to take a progress photo, the same as your initial one, and see where your at. I bet you surprise yourself. Remember your body does not lie. If you are putting in the work to make good choices, you WILL see change.

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