Daily WOD

This week you have two tasks! Complete the Challenge Wod & Submit your Before Photos.

Photos need to be submitted no later than Saturday, August 22nd. If photos are not submitted by then, you cannot be considered to win the Challenge. Don’t forget!

Ladies: Sports bra and shorts. Men: Shorts and no shirts. Submit a Front, Side, and Back Photo. Text or Email Coach Jenn.

The Challenge Wod… This will be also due no later than Saturday, August 22nd. You will be re-testing this Wod in the 6th week of this challenge, so no sandbagging. Give it your all.

For Time:

800m Run

50 Thrusters (DB-35/20) (Bar-45/35)

30 KB Swings (53/35)

***Scale the weights, per your fitness level. You will need to re-test it the EXACT same way you performed it the first time around.*** The run is non-negotiable (unless you have an injury then contact me for subs). When you complete this Wod, please write down your time AND how you completed it (Meaning: as RX or other weights etc). You will need to send that information as well. If this does not get completed by Saturday the 22nd, you will not be able to be considered to win the Challenge.

Week one is all going to be about Patience. Take One Day at a time, or One Meal at a time. It will take some getting used to, if you have not tracked before. I am here to help! Have a GREAT WEEK!

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