Daily WOD


Cycle Box 6pm


6 rounds for time of:
60 double-unders
30 kettlebell swings 53/35
15 burpees

Boston firefighter Michael Kennedy, 33, of Boston, Massachusetts, died fighting a nine-alarm fire on March 26, 2014. Kennedy served with the Boston Fire Department for six and a half years and was a Marine Corps sergeant who served a tour in Iraq before that.

He had a big presence in his local CrossFit community, coaching and training at several affiliates, including CrossFit Craic, CrossFit Florian, CrossFit Together and CrossFit HomeBase.

He is survived by his girlfriend, Sarah Wessman, and many other beloved friends and family members.


  1. 0830
    Liz- 39:07rx
    Stas- 30:55rx
    Holly- 29:38
    Shawn- 26:04rx
    Mo- 30:00
    Kris- 36:24rx
    Cory- 34:17
    Brian- 40:43rx

  2. 530
    Lisa 26:12rx
    Sue 22:12(4rds rx)
    Cindi 35:38
    Aub 23:40rx
    Jess 31:03rx
    Jen R 25:24(4rds)

  3. 330
    Tommy 30:46
    Cory 24:12rx
    Brodie 27:25
    C. Jenn 24:16rx

    Kk 26:23rx
    Sara 22:19
    Megan 22:41
    Nikki 32:13
    Chris C 25:37rx
    Sammy 23:16rx
    James C here
    Katie 22:56

    Erick 24:44
    Justin 26:46rx

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