Daily WOD
Last nights Virtual Yoga class was a hit!


House Arrest WOD:
Part 1: 30sec x 30secs for 5 rounds

Plank Hold

Bottom of Squat Hold *hips below parallel do not sit into your calves

Part 2: 2 Rounds For Time rest 2 minutes between rounds

30 Air Squats

20 Hands Release Push Ups

60 Double Unders or Lateral hops

20 Hands Release Push Ups

30 Air Squats


  1. Shawn Wray says:

    Shawn :

    Did my 100 daily push ups then squat/plank work then wod
    3:47/3:42 why are hrpu’s so much harder for me? 🤪💅

  2. Kelly Coffey says:

    4:27 & 4:57 woohoo!

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