Daily WOD

We appreciate each of you that have continued to support our efforts to remain open. 1 day at a time is still the path we are following. Please continue to check our site for class info each day. Thank You Stay Healthy Friends

5:30am, 8:30am, 3:30pm & 4:30pm Cycle @6pm ONLY

Back Squat- 4 reps @70%, 3 reps @75%, 3 @80%, 3 @85%

4 Rounds For Time of: *25min time cap

24/17 Calorie Row

21 Box Jump Overs 24/20

15 DB Snatch Alternating Arms 50/35

9 Burpee Over DB

Mobility: Quad Roll Out, Seated Center Splits, Samson Lunge Hold


  1. CrossFit Pride says:

    Sue 135/22:53
    Brian 235/22:24rx
    Greg. 255/28:05rx
    Mike 285/21:53rx
    Pete 205/3+42
    MattF 255/20:55rx
    Jess 135/21:19rx
    Jake 270/16:55rx
    Robert 18:26rx
    Mel 17:52
    Kelly 120/21:58rx
    Heather 120/20:56
    Stas 185pwrcl
    Kristin 55/21:17
    Chandra 105/21:52

  2. CrossFit Pride says:

    Gary 300/3+39rx
    Sara 175/14:28rx
    Katelyn 165/20:42rx
    Chris 205/19:53rx
    Katie 165/17:29rx
    David 275/2+75

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