Daily WOD

Happy Birthday to my mama, Debbie! Love you forever


Cycle Box Class 6pm

Handstand Walk Progressions  (Test Max Distance in 3 tries)

For Time:

600m Run

32 Handstand Push Ups

32 DB Snatch Alternating 35/20

Not For Time:

50 WTD AB Mat Sit Ups

100 (total) Weighted Russian Twist

This Thursday, June 15 modified class schedule please plan your week accordingly Thurs. 6/15 No 5:30am,No Open Gym, No 5:30pm(ROMWOD), No 6:30pm (8:30am 9:30am 3:30pm & 4:30pm ONLY) Thank you


  1. 5:30 am
    Sue skill/7:32mod
    Jenn S skill/8:10mod
    Lisa skill/16:08 (1/2 rx)
    Mike 4 ft/8:02rx
    Greg tues pull up 24/7:44mod
    Matt W 5 ft/11:28rx

    8:30 am
    Mikayla 20 ft PR/13:11rx
    Mairs skill/9:25rx
    Mo skill/7:46mod
    Coach Kev skill/8:27mod
    Chris 18 ft PR/5:05rx
    Aaron 3 ft PR/9:40rx
    Vicky skill/7:12mod
    Jen R skill/8:14mod

  2. 9:30 am
    Nikki skill/11:03mod
    Brooke skill/6:53mod
    Aaron lift

  3. Kevin M. says:

    Cory skill/5:55rx
    Katie skill/10:15mod
    Heather skill/7:45mod
    Liz skill/8:36mod
    Grahambo skill/4:57rx
    Tia 3ft pr/9:38rx

  4. 430
    Brian 29’/12:17rx
    Coach Jenn skill broken hand/6:14rx
    Graham lift

    Coach Mel 25’/6:11rx
    Gary “kickstand” skill/9:46rx
    Krystin Skill/7:21
    Dalton 30’/6:15rx
    Tommy Skill/12:47
    Tom skill/12:45
    Josh oly hw

    Kaylee skill/8:08
    Colton skill/7:22rx
    Taylor skill/11:43

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