Daily WOD

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Cycle Box 6pm

3 scores/times:

400m Run

rest 2 minute

200m Run 

rest 1 minute

100m Run

AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

3 DB Hang Power Clean 35’s/20’s

3 DB Front Squats

3 DB Push Press

9 Burpees

Core: DB Turkish Sit Up 5 sets of 10 each arm




  1. 530
    Mike 1:25/:40/:19/9+9rx
    Matt 1:35/:43/:21/9+10rx

    Mo 1:42/:46/:21/9+3rx
    Mark 1:43/:50/:19/8+12rx
    Kris 1:43/:47/:22/10rx
    Katherine 1:34/:43/:22/9+9rx
    Kevina 1:21/:42/:18/8+15rx
    Jen S 1:31/:45/:22/8+6rx
    Heather 1:55/:56/:24/7+11rx+(25)

  2. 330
    Dennis 2:04/:57/:22/5+9
    Stas 1:11/:37/:18/7+3rx
    Heather 1:32/:43/:19/8rx
    Tommy 1:35/:41/18/9+5rx
    Scott 1:06/:37/:15/10rx

  3. 430
    C Jenn lots of rowing
    Jeff 1:21/:38/:18/8+1rx
    Kendra 2:06/:52/:27/6+5rx
    Michael 2:09/:53/:28/5rx
    Katie 1:37/:42/:19/8+9rx

    Shawn 1:12/:37/:19/8+3rx+(50)
    Sammy 1:14/:38/:19/7+5rx+(50)
    Nikki mobility
    Bill 1:45/:52/:22/6+12rx
    Chris 1:09/:35/:16/9+15rx+(40)
    CMel 1:29/-/-/8+14rx+(35)

  4. 630
    Krystin 1:50/:44/:20/8+3rx
    Matt 1:38/:47/:20/8+11rx

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