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Important info for the week!! Plan Ahead!

Ok guys, you have made it to your final week of the challenge and its been pretty great thus far, from all your checkins and info I have gotten from each of you! Moving into this week lets make sure you complete all of the items necessary to be considered for winning this challenge!

*You will need to complete your Run/Row this week and provide me with your two times.

*You will need to send me an “After” photo in the same outfit as your original please!

*You will need to also send me measurements, or have me measure you if needed!

*And lastly, I will need you to weigh in Friday am, and send me that magic number!

These 3 things are all due by Friday the 22nd by close of business… Text me if for some reason you can not make it in and need to do it Saturday. I want you all to see the benefits of your hard work in this process! A winner will be announced Tuesday December 26th…Because Monday you will all be with your families enjoying the holiday!

Hit this week hard, get your items done, and we will have a fabulous end to the challenge!

Get To It!

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