Daily WOD

Cycle Box 6pm

Clean- 3 @ 75%, 3 @80%, 2 @85%, 1 @90%, 1 @95%

7 Rounds For Time of:

100m Sprint

7 Burpees *2 hand touch to rig
7 Box Jump Overs 24/20

Suggested Mobility: IT Band Stretch, Hamstring Stretch w/rope, Seated Center Splits


  1. CrossFit Pride says:

    Sue 120/9:07(4)
    Vicky butt stuff/ 14:23mos
    Dave 205/9:50(4)
    BrianM 135pr/12:42rx
    Justin 190pr/10:03rx
    Drew 135pr/19:04
    Bill 155/16:50rx
    Greg 185/16:50rx
    William 225/12:14rx
    Sara 135/11:15rx
    Denise 85pr/15:27rx
    Jessica 110/16:06rx
    Mo 100pr/13:27
    Mairs 135/14:22rx
    Holly 80/12:44rx
    Alena 80/12:25rx
    Jake 275/12:14rx
    Todd 185/14:21rx
    Pete 125/16:48
    Mel 155/-
    Shawn 255/10:50rx
    Cory 200pr/9:28rx
    Sammy 305/10:34rx
    Lexy 130pr/13:30rx
    Lisa 165pr/12:38rx
    Aub 215/10:47rx
    Joel 175/14:49
    Charlotte 45/11:54
    Gary 220/12:41rx
    Heidi 115/11:14rx

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