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Each week we will have additional challenges for you all to participate in to keep the challenge fun and interactive, but also you never know who you may be helping or encouraging without even knowing it! SO! You can choose to do these things or not. Completely up to you! However, there will be a winner at the end of the 6 weeks with the most points…If there is a tie, don’t you worry, we will have a way to get a winner.

Points will vary from week to week as will activities. Some will be super easy, others will require you to work a bit for them. This week, with it being our second full week of the challenge and many of you are on your way to finding your grove I wanted to add something easy to acquire points!

For this week, the tasks MUST be completed by Sunday, April 21st. 8:00pm. No Late Entries to keep things fair.

Week 1: To get you all more engaged in the Group Me app, I challenge you to text a Nutrition Tip that you think is handy for this challenge. It can be anything! Whatever you noticed in your first week that you find you are re-doing because it helps! You never know who it will help and it could really benefit others! This will get you ONE POINT for your Tip.

2 Points: Wanna earn a few more? Share your “WHY” in a Social Media Post. Why did you take this challenge, what was your reason for jumping on board? Tag @crossfitpride so we can see your post and screen shot the post and send to Coach Jenn. (Super Easy!) EXTRA ONE POINT….IF…you also post a photo that can be of you or your family, child(ren), friend.. ect. in Crossfit Pride Gear or in the photo somehow, get creative!

Don’t have social media? You can text me your why with or without a picture with the same above criteria and I will post it to the gym Instagram!

So in total you can earn 4 points this week! What are you waiting for! Get to it!

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