Daily WOD

Open Gym 9:30am-11:30am

Yoga 6pm

In 4 minutes:

Max Reps Bar Facing Burpees *2 feet take off 2 feet landing

Rest 2 minutes, In 4 minutes:

Max Calories Assault Bike

Rest 2 minutes, In 4 minutes:

Max Turkish Get Ups 53/35

Rest 2 minutes, In 4 minutes:

Max Sumo Deadlift High Pull 95/65

Suggested Mobility: Hammy Stretch, Seated Center Splits, Thread the Needle


  1. CrossFit Pride says:

    Butch 99
    Matt 153rx
    Dan 163mod
    BrianW 144rx
    Dave 135rx
    Jessica 103rx

  2. CrossFit Pride says:

    Cy 200rx
    Bill 112
    Hannah 119
    Greg 139rx
    Kim 143rx
    Robert 174
    Mel 159rx

  3. Evelyn KaiwiHernandez says:

    Mo -/33/-/-
    Michele 37/27/55/48=167
    Krystin run /32/70/75=177
    Susie 39/34/21/50=144
    Jaime 49/58/15/52=164
    Stas 41/53/10/42rx=146rx
    Heather 40/33/12/52rx=137rx
    Shawn 45/62/17/70rx=194rx
    Cory 50/43/10/69rx=172rx
    Mark 37/55/11/33rx=134rx
    Jess 42/30/74/44mod=190
    Kris 35/38/weasl set 76/45=194
    Bri 59/29/14/35=137
    Mairs 43/37/12/37rx=129rx

  4. 430pm
    James 51/63/13 mod/51=178
    Gary 46/46/13/54=159rx
    Joe 38/55/8/53=154rx
    Katie 53/36/10/63=162rx
    Charlotte 31/33/5/20=89
    Jenn 31/25/8/26=90rx
    Joel 40/41/5/41=127
    Justin 25/30/10/37=102

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