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How much weight should I be losing?

A lot of you at your check-ins are either asking me this question, or you are worried that your 1 pound weight loss wasn’t enough for the week. I am here to tell you that a loss is a loss and should be celebrated. Regardless of how small you feel it is. The scale is ONE measurement next to several! Granted the scale gives you a number right? It is a definitive answer to what you are looking for, it will always give you a number, but do we need to put so much behind what the Scale says? NOPE.

Easier said then done, right? Ok, hear me out. If you are a scale obsessor, you weigh yourself every day and worry that one day you were down 2 pounds now you are up one, etc…. Do me a favor, if you can not give up weighing yourself daily, then weigh yourself at the exact same time every day and at the end of the week average out those weights recorded. That would be your average for the week. Personally I would prefer we weigh ourselves once a week, well really in the grand scheme of things, never, but we aren’t there yet and I get it. Yes this is a challenge, Yes weight loss is great, but NO the scale isn’t the only thing that tells you if you are moving in the right direction.

Lots of times we retain water, maybe we didn’t get enough sleep last night, or we were up late and had more sodium then normal in a day. Maybe we didn’t do great with our veggies so our trips to the bathroom have been infrequent. Maybe your a girl and you have HORMONES. Seriously so many things play into that little number on the scale. The last challenge I did, I lost 4 pounds in 6 weeks, the before and afters were shocking, because even tho my body weight really didn’t change, my composition did. SO, if you are truly giving this challenge a big effort, your body does not lie and will show you the results of your hard work. I promise because this has been such a success for others before you! Hitting a challenge so so and kinda doing this and that will only give you so-so results. If you are good with that, then so am I. I want you all to learn something here about yourselves, food, and how to fuel your body.

Here are some basic reasons why the scale may not be moving…Your building Muscle, Lack of Sleep, Stress, Not Enough Water, Hormones, and Inflammation. All of these, and more play into how your body reacts on a daily basis. The more consistent you are with your meals and quality foods the more response you elicit from your body. Already somewhat of a lean frame, you could be building muscle, after all we do crossfit and lift weights. Did you get a few hours of sleep last night and not drink enough water? Water retention can be from stress, lack of sleep and a few other things. Are you working out without having a rest day? Rest is essential to weight loss. Think about it, you come into the gym and break down your muscle tissue, taking a rest day and eating right allows those muscles to recover. Otherwise if you skip the rest and continue of pushing your body to the limit you WILL hit a wall and Inflammation will peak and water retention gets worse and the scale will reflect all that and then you feel defeated because weight went up and not down.

What am I getting at? I just want you all to keep in mind taking care of YOU is SO important. Yes we have jobs, kids, and other things going on, I get it, I am busy too! But small changes can eventually bring out HUGE successes if we try. Most of you will have a goal for the week from me after your check in, some won’t, just depends on the person. But those goals are there to better you. By taking a little time here and there to pre-plan your meals when you know you have a busy day ahead. Having bulk items cooked in the fridge so on those nights you get home and don’t wanna cook, you have a healthy option for you to have. Taking a much needed rest day because you are so sore and think if you stop working out you will slow your weight loss journey…TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOU THIS WEEK!

Whatever that looks like.. Do IT. Do YOU. Be SUCCESSFUL. We all have the ability to do so, each and every one of you! Results will come if YOU do just THAT.

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