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How Is Everyone Doing?

Everyone did AMAZING with their first Check-In after two weeks of Macro Counting on their own. I couldn’t be more proud of that! It is truly fantastic! You all are doing great so this should be fun to see just how it all pans out in the next few weeks!

How is the self point system working out? Many of you have mentioned that you are enjoying the idea of rating each of your days! This was designed to keep you honest with yourself. I am pleased to hear all your accomplishments and such, so keep that going!

Travel! What to do when your on the Road!

As some of you may know I was recently on a small vacation with my family and eating while driving and traveling can be tough! Was I 100%? No, but I did my best with pre-planning and still being able to enjoy myself while out and about! Prior to leaving I did bbq some chicken, and since I didn’t want it to go bad while we were gone, I portioned it all into 4oz bags and we had a small cooler we took. Every hotel had a fridge so I was able to have chicken if the day was kinda hard for my macros. Now I did not workout at all on this trip. THAT WAS REALLY HARD FOR ME….but we did walk a lot and hike, so I consumed less Carbs then I would on a regular gym day, but making sure I hit my protein first and foremost and then my fat. All in all I managed to do this all days, but one while we were gone. I didn’t stress over it and enjoyed the time with my family and came home the exact same weight! SO it CAN BE DONE! I also packed protein bars (Im currently obsessed with the One Bar!! SO GOOD) Apple chips, apple sauce, beef jerky just to name a few others..

Im sure getting back into the swing of things this week will be a little rough, but it is helping me mentally and allowing my body to have a true break. Time off can be good for you! I so fall victim of the idea that I can not waiver from my schedule. So this for me was a learning experience and mentally challenging and I have to say I am pleased with how I have handled it thus far!

Eating healthier isn’t always about what you eat and when…but that space between your ears can be such a powerful part of your life. If it feeds negative, it seems EVERYTHING is extra hard…from workouts, to life.. But giving yourself a little Grace here and there and telling that ugly voice to sit down and take a seat, that you are doing just fine and will do great each day can really really play into all other aspects of your life. So today, give yourself some Grace. Think of 3 things you love about yourself. Write them down, or Say the out loud in the mirror. (Yes I am serious). If we do not practice positive self talk, we have a harder journey ahead of us. Try this next week to say those 3 things to yourself every morning. See if it helps your day. When you hear that negative side creeping in, and it will, literally tell him/her to have a seat. We want to be better every day. Better than ourselves in the previous day.



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