Daily WOD


Open Gym 9:30am-11:30am 

Yoga 5:30pm

EMOM x 6: 1 Power Clean + 1 Squat Clean increasing weight to heavy (warm up and start about 60%)

“Turn & Burn”

6 Rounds For Time of:

20 Double Unders

200m Run

Core: Plank Hold- Accumulate 4 minutes


  1. 530
    Amber 135/9:27rx
    Dan 115/19:27
    Dave 185/8:48rx
    Mike 185/10:44rx

    Jaime 140/9:45rx
    Jess 115/9:50rx
    Heather 150/13:35rx
    Graham 225/8:01rx ish/row
    Kevin 185/7:22rx
    Jenn S 85/9:49rx
    Mo 100/11:59rx
    Cory 145/8:51
    Christa 95/9:57
    Scott 205/8:50
    Nikki 60/13:43

    Brooke 125/10:56rx
    Coach Kim 125/10:53mod
    Coach Jenn 170/8:13rx
    Coach Mel 145/8:32rx
    Heidi 110/8:55rx

  2. 3:30 pm
    Mikayla 5×4 strict pull up/7:16mod bike
    Kris 100/12:30rx
    Stas 120/11:36rx
    Heather 105/10:49rx
    Mark 150/11:18
    Jose 145/9:00rx
    Embriette 100/9:47rx
    Tomi 125/12:24rx
    Katherine 125/10:20

    4:30 pm
    Shawn 235/7:21rx
    James 205/10:05rx row
    Chris 215/7:05rx
    Taryn 75/9:41
    Ramon 185/12:24rx
    Jeff 165/✔️

    5:30 pm
    Bill 155/12:01
    Tom 155/10:06rx

    6:30 pm
    Jen R 70/11:51
    Louis 145/12:58rx

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