Daily WOD


Open Gym 9:30am-11:30am

Yoga 6pm

Run 1 mile For Time

Rest 3 minutes then, 

For Time:

30 Calories Bike or Row

30 Burpee-Pull Up-Toes to Bar

Rest 3 minutes, then,

Run 1 mile For Time

Suggested Mobility: Calf roll out, Bottoms of feet roll out, Hamstring stretch with rope


  1. 540
    Brad 7:19/9:26rx/7:57
    Megan 9:25/12:35/8:55
    Karley 9:25/—/8:55
    Melanie 7:30half/11:23/8:13half
    Dave 8:53/10:37rx/9:52
    Mike 7:50wtd/9:00/9:00wtd
    Annette 6:25half/13:53/7:03half
    Justin 7:40/13:17rx/8:30
    Aaron 7:33/8:55rx/9:24
    Dan 11:36pr/12:45/7:45(800)
    Jenn S 7:34/11:07rx/8:10

    Kris 4;31half/11:02rx/4:30half
    Mark 8:02/12:03rx/7:52
    Cory 6:46/9:35rx/7:25
    Kimberly 7:44/13:47rx/8:03
    James 8:01/11:05rx/??

    Bill lift
    Nicole 8:56/11:59rx/9:30
    Pete alt Wod
    Dan alt Wod
    Kim alt Wod
    Mo alt Wod
    Jenn alt Wod
    Mel alt Wod

  2. CrossFit Pride says:

    Krystin 8:42/9:14rx/9:37
    Dominic 10:38/5:50(1/2)/10:08
    Jeff 8:01/10:00rx/8:30
    HeatherR 9:03/15:05rx/10:20
    Aub 9:00/8:49rx/9:47
    Josh alt wod

  3. CrossFit Pride says:

    Megan alt wod
    Rhona 10:54/8:29/11:10
    Louie 7:29/8:07rx/9:03

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