Daily WOD

Water helps to maximize physical performance. 

If we do not stay hydrated, physical performance can suffer.

This is particularly important during intense exercise or high heat.

Hydration Has a Major Effect on Energy Levels and Brain Function

Your brain is strongly influenced by hydration status.


Open Gym 9:30am-11:30am

No Yoga

Buy In:
800m Run

3 Rounds of:

10 Power Clean 155/105

20 Toes to Bar

30 Calorie Row

Suggested Mobility: IT Band Stretch, Seated Center Splits, Ear to Shoulder Stretch


  1. CrossFit Pride says:

    JenR 30:22
    Annette 28:50
    Cindi 30:36
    Dan 26:37
    Stas 22:44rx
    Shawn 19:18rx(185)
    Greg 30:28
    Victoria 27:23
    Justin L 32::14
    Jessica 27:31rx
    Nicole 26:35rx
    Bill 29:45
    Kimberly 26:42
    Liz 80/12+6rx
    Mo alt work
    C Jenn alt work/Jackie
    KK 28:13rx
    CMel alt wod
    CKyle alt wod
    Bill lift
    Addie alt wod
    Victoria lift
    Pete alt wod
    ScottL 23:28mod

  2. Gary English says:

    Hey Kyle, thanks for the concern during today’s WOD. Haven’t felt like that during a work out. I checked with Tia and no I didn’t have an once of water today?🤮

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