Daily WOD


Open Gym * 9:30am-10:30am 1 hr ONLY

NO YOGA *Happy 31st Anniversary Gary & Tia

Build to your New 1 Rep Max Snatch

In 12 Minutes Complete:

Toes to Bar


Suggested Mobility: Foam Roll Lats, mid & upper back, Thread the Needle


  1. CrossFit Pride says:

    Jessica 90/9:32rx
    Matt 195/7:56(18-12rx)
    Mike 155/8:59rx
    Dave 155/7:24 (18:15rx)
    Justin 115/8:53rx
    Mo 70/9:35rx
    Vicky 70pr/12:14
    Christa 75/8:00
    Cory 55pr/13:15rx
    Pete 45pr/11:38
    Frank 95pr/17:10rx
    Bill 135cl/12:20
    Lexy 85pr/10:50
    Holly 65pr/8:50mod
    Cindi 65pr/12:16
    Robert 210prBSQ/7:02rx
    Lucy 270BSQ/mon 7:15rx
    Jenn alt wod
    Mel lift/8:08rx
    ScottG lift
    JennS alt wod
    Krystin 65/11:14rx
    Martha 65/11:08
    BrianW 185cl/11:39rx
    Heather SP 73pr/7:15
    Cory 125/6:45rx
    Cara SP 93/7:40mod
    Nikki 95/42
    Jaime 125/9:28rx
    Michele 115/12:45rx
    Kyle werk

  2. CrossFit Pride says:

    Sammy 215/10:17rx
    Shawn 170/9:43rx
    Mairs ✔️/8:15mod
    JameC 70kg/8:25rx
    Jeff comp wod
    Taryn comp wod

  3. CrossFit Pride says:

    Rhona 68/10:02
    Aub 175/9:30rx
    Heidi 80/8:56rx
    Tommy 165/10:55rx

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