Daily WOD

Open Gym 9:30am-11:30am

Lifting 5:30pm

Yoga 6pm

OH Squat- Build to a 1 Rep Max

or If your legs are thrashed from Wednesday’s work

Strict Press- Build to a 1 Rep Max

45-35-25-15-10 For Time:

Double Unders & Other Movement will be on the Board

*16 minute time cap

Suggested Mobility: Foam Roll Lats, Ear to Shoulder Stretch, Calf Stretch


  1. Jess 115/8:24
    Leslie 50/10:00
    Matt 225/160
    Dave 205pr/125
    Dan 95/155pr sp/160
    Butch 75/125sp/125
    Shawn 200/185press/13:54rx
    Vicky arm work/11:45mod
    Greg 170pr/191
    Kris 90pr/233rx
    Jenn S 95pr/235rx
    Robert 119/7:38
    Tommy 205/15:52rx
    James 175pr/13:19rx
    Kim 95/15:52
    Jenn 55/14:03
    Mel 55/14:48

  2. Heather 75pr//240
    Stas 155pr/14:30rx
    Alexis 35pr/217
    Kyle Lift/10:31rx
    Krystin 95pr/254
    Dom 100pr/15:23rx
    Sammy 255oh/10:16rx
    Gary 155oh/190rx
    Joe 145pr/work
    Nicole 75/162mod
    Kelly 105pr/232

  3. 5:30
    Frank 155 SP
    Lexy Mobility

    Heidi 70sp/13:51rx
    Joel 135ohs/197

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