Daily WOD

8:30am ONLY


For time:
800-meter single-arm barbell farmers carry 45/35
31 toes-to-bars
31 push-ups
31 front squats 95/65
400-meter single-arm barbell farmers carry 95/65
31 toes-to-bars
31 push-ups
31 hang power cleans 135/95
200-meter single-arm barbell farmers carry 135/95

Cpl. Luke Tamatea, 31, of Kawerau, New Zealand, was killed by a roadside bomb on Aug. 19, 2012, while serving with the New Zealand Defence Force in the Bamyan Province of Afghanistan. Tamatea was posted to 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment and was serving his second tour in Afghanistan at the time of his death.

He was an avid CrossFit athlete and enjoyed body-weight exercises and practicing farmers carries over long distances in preparation for Special Forces selection.

He is survived by his wife, Sarah Erb; and children, Kyla, Kaytlen, Nikita and Keira.


  1. Chris 48:54rx
    Sammy 30:34rx
    Jack 53:50
    Marjie 46:38(15/35/55)
    Bill 56:36
    Judy 41:52
    Mairs 61:13rx
    James 49:58
    Dan 61:40
    Hannah 51:22 rx except push ups
    Justin 56:17rx
    Holly 54:36 rx except push ups
    Brian 56:59rx
    Shawn 32:45rx

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