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Ever have a super motivating day only to be followed by a completely crappy day, leaving you wondering why you ever started this in the first place? I have.


In fact right after my blog post about myself and my struggles, I managed to get back to that lame hole of “why am I even doing this”. Interesting how fast that negative mind set can venture into your brain when you least expect it. This last week we started a new program cycle and many of you were thrilled to squat. Myself, not so much. Why? Because I can’t right now. I figured it would be fine and I just modify and no big deal. That was until I went in to do just that. I believe my words that day were “I am never going to be able to squat again”. Real good right? I tell you all to believe in yourself and then I turn around and I am back to my sad pity party. Ugh! Such is life! I even think Taryn was there that day. Whoops! Was that said out loud? lol Soooo.. I had a smaller pity party each time I did a box squat. If you all must know each rep of each set was “great….1…..great…2” no joke! I LOVE TO SQUAT…so there is that. So I did my best to suck it up, modify the crap out of the day and still have intensity in my workout. I think I somewhat accomplished that..

Each day I found I was still irritated, but I really tried to move on from it and not live there. Taking my own advice and realizing this is just how it is right now. Then I got a text from a gym member about my post, not nutrition related and they just reached out just because. It was really nice. Then a few others mentioned it in passing or via text. Funny thing here…I post to this blog each week just about and never really thought much of anyone read it. I mean, I guess because we post here and there and have recipes etc, but never really hear a lot of feedback regarding the content etc. I’ve always wondered if this blog spot helps anyone along the way during a challenge. Then I sat and considered that statement. I, personally, am one to read things, screen shot, try them and tell my friends about them (good or bad). I do not post comments, or rarely try to post a photo of me trying out some new recipe etc. So it hit me, this blog probably gets read and hopefully tried by you all!

Jumping back in where I left off, I had several of you, not just nutrition related comment to me about my post about my own struggles this year. It was very surprising and awesome to hear from you guys, how you related, or just your kind words. I never wrote it to be therapeutic for myself in the first place and quite frankly took a leap of faith in sharing and it really did help me out I think. Haha… By sharing tho, the last two Friday Nights have meant more to me, then you all may know. Both evenings those workouts were Fun for me. Fun to push myself and just see how I could do and hopefully pain-free. You all gave me that “fun” and for so long it had lost its “fun”. I Love Crossfit, those of you that know me, know thats true and I never really seemed satisfied. Its always about what I could of done better, or what I need to work on now. However, those two Friday nights have been flat out fun. I get to workout with Coach Mel (my woobie lol) and I get to have your support. I have so much to be thankful for.  It makes for a really fun night and I am very happy that I was persuaded to still join the Open. I would of been really bummed that I didn’t. You were right.

This challenge has also helped me. I know I have mentioned that before, but it truly has. The random texts I have gotten with your recent continuing Pr’s and accomplishments mean so much to me. The fact that you even thank me for them, makes my heart super full, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I look at it as you all are doing all of this. I am simply giving you the tools to implement and find your journey, and yet you all felt the need to say thank you. Some of you may think “Duh Jenn”, but I have realized that I can not take a compliment much less a thank you well. Embarrassing right.. My instant awkward feeling is “ummm Happy Birthday?” LOL  All kidding aside, each message I have gotten I have read to my husband at some point, and each one I read I tear up and feel a sense of accomplishment along with you. I LOVE helping people. I LOVE helping you see that you are far stronger than you know or think. I LOVE seeing your push in the gym because the other day someone told you your arms looked amazing or what have you. YOUR need to share these things with me, I have taken and returned the favor. I am really trying to make it a point that if I see something great in someone, I tell them. We should do more of that. The whole pay it forward movement, its quite the thing really. Have you ever had a complete stranger compliment you? It feels good, I don’t care what you say, it does! Hahaha.. So Thank You from the bottom of my heart for making me a better Coach in the process and reminding me to have fun! At the end of the day this is a life long journey. Why be in such a rush, enjoy it.

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