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With a heavy heart, CFP is officially CLOSED until further notice. We fought the good fight to remain open as long as possible knowing this was the inevitable until there is a better grasp and understanding of this virus pandemic. Please be patient over the next day or so while I come up with ideas/plans to keep everyone’s bodies moving and accountable. Please know that each of you are very important to me as a business and as a friend. We will stay in contact. We will get through this Friends! Thank You – Melanie Clark

REMEMBER your Push Up Challenge is still going so continue to do those Push Ups Daily M-100 W-60

NO Equipment necessary WOD

8 Rounds For Time of: * post score in comments to share

8 Push Up+ Shoulder Tap R/L

16 Lateral Hops

8 Air Squat + Squat Jump

Notes: Please remember warming up is important and also is additional time of moving your body so please take time to warm up. Suggestion- Samson Lunges Downward Dog, Toy soldier kicks, then for 3 sets jog in place works fine 30 secs, 20 Mtn Cimbers.

For the Push Up + Shoulder Tap do a quality push up scale to knees if necessary then at the top of the push up or high plank position right hand taps left shoulder left hand then taps right shoulder that is 1 reps.

For the Air Squat + Squat Jump this is just what it says, 1 air squat down and up then right into a jumping squat * sit down into the squat and explode out of the bottom so that your feet leave the ground that is 1 rep


  1. LOVE my gym….we will all get through this together. Adapt and overcome!

  2. Tommy Craft says:

    Tommy 9::03rx

  3. Kimberly Smith says:

    7:29 Rx
    Notes: I’m wearing shorts, which would never happen in the actual gym. My idea for a 60 push up warm up was STUPID. I had my country playlist blasting – just for Sara Simpson. This just became my favorite part of working from home.

  4. Sammy Keener says:


    Some of you body weight ninjas should be sub 6.

    Get after it fam. Get stronger. Stay healthy. We’ll all be better and thirstier on the other side.

  5. 7:59rx

  6. Jessica Romero says:

    Jessica and Brianna Romero

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