Daily WOD

Over the next couple of days we will be posting pictures of our members that participated in the 2018 Rock and Roll Marathon! 

Katie and Cory have been on fire since competing in the last nutrition challenge. The Rock and Roll 1/2 was just another accomplishment in the books for them! Great Job!


Open Gym 9:30am-11:30am

Lifting 5:30pm

Bench Press- at a challenging wt 

4 sets of 5 Tempo BP (3 sec lower) 

*Plank Hold 30 secs immediately following each set of BP

4 Rounds For Time of:

400m Run

12 Toes to Bar

                          12 DB Snatch 50/35 alternating arms

Suggested Mobility: Lat Stretch, Thread the Needle, Trap/Neck pull down w/kb 



  1. 530
    Brad 295/14:28rx
    Todd 175/17:10rx
    Lisa bar/17:51mod
    Dave 185/19:14rx
    Jessica 95/14:25rx(bike)
    Dan 125/19:14
    Aaron 125/16:02
    Brian 125/14:28rx

    Vicky 65/20:15
    Mo 65/16:08
    Christa Db/13:37mod
    Kimberly 65/15:24
    Cory 125/15:15rx

    Sonia 75/18:42 mod
    Brooke work
    Dan work
    Jenn work
    Kim work
    Mel work
    Thomas lift/alt wod
    Heidi 70/17:27rx

  2. 330
    Bill 135/16:33
    Nicole 85/16:15rx
    Sebastian 165/12:43
    Mikaela 85/16:44
    Heather 65/13:33mod

    Kari 50/18:23
    Jeff 95/15:43rx
    Gary 65/18:13rx
    Josh alt work
    Kristina 60/16:02

  3. Craig 135/15:45
    Tomi 75/21:25
    Justin 135/20:15

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