Daily WOD

To Debbie (Mom)


Open Gym 9:30am-11:30am

Lifting 5:30pm

3 sets Not For Time:

5 Strict Pull Up 

Push Press 5 @ 75%

Wall Climb

Bear Crawl 25′ Forward, 25′ Backward

Rest 60 secs between sets

For Time: 


KB Swings 70/53

Push Ups

Sit Ups (x2)

Suggested Mobility: Lat Stretch, Doorway Stretch, Thread the Needle


  1. CrossFit Pride says:

    Mike mod/12:26mod
    Brad 185/11:48rx
    Dan 105/15:17
    Dave 170/12:29rx
    Jenns 50/11:48
    Cory 95/14:34
    Christa mod/13:05mod
    Mairs wed 130/5rx
    Mo 65/10:28
    Vicky 45/13:28
    Kris 55/10:14
    Mark 115/14:30rx
    Tomi 85/16:07rx
    Mel wed 12:41rx/9:01rx
    Mikayla alt wod
    C Kyle 8:25rx+
    Lucy 135/8:47rx
    Aubrey alt wod
    Dan work
    Brooke work
    Tomi wed cleans
    Thomas 8:25rx+
    Mikaela alt wod
    Sebastion 165/9:26rx
    Krystin 75/16:23
    JeffD 95/12:39rx
    Nicole 40//12:05
    Cory 115/9:32rx
    Taryn 75/9:46
    Megan alt wod
    Graham lift
    C Kyle bike
    Kristina 50/9:40
    Katie 75/9:32rx

  2. CrossFit Pride says:

    Taylor 65/12:38
    Colton 115/9:38rx

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