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Good Morning!

Hope you all are doing Great! This Challenge has been so much fun to watch and participate in. I have enjoyed working with all of you and getting to know you all a little more! I hope that you have at least enjoyed the Macro Counting Concepts and taken something valuable away from the last 6 weeks.

The biggest thing I could ask for from all of this, is just hoping that you all can see what food can do for your body inside and outside of the gym. Fueling yourself properly and getting enough food can really make a difference. I think one of the best things I have witnessed these last 6 weeks is just how well you all are moving in the gym and hearing about your PR’s. Those aren’t from luck, you have made that happen with taking care of yourself and giving your body what it needs to perform better. Thus, giving you some amazing results. 

For those of you who feel you aren’t seeing any changes, just hold on till this is over. If you have been honestly following the program and being consistent, THERE WILL BE RESULTS.

In order to have them you have to put in the work. Many of you will be surprised to see your results as you have focused on the scale. Its not all in a number and I can not stress that enough. I am excited, to say the least to see your results from the beginning of this journey! 

Keep with it, we are just about there!!

Reminder: You will need to submit your Helen time and take your “after” photos no later than midnight tomorrow, July 14th. Don’t miss out on a chance to be the winner!


  1. Thanks Jenn for taking the time to do this challenge and the blog!

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