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Battle at the Barracks Saturday, Jan. 27th 3 person teams (any gender combo)

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CrossFit Pride is excited to announce that Jeff has joined our Coaching Team.  Jeff is focusing on Olympic Lifting and is happy to share the knowledge from the various different classes and the work/training he has put in. We are offering these classes as part of your membership on Thursdays @ 5:30pm & Saturday 7:30am


Open Gym 9:30am

5:30pm class tonight -Lifting

Back Squat- 10 reps @55%, 8 @ 65%, 6 @ 75%, 4 sets of 4 @ 85%

4 Rounds For Time:

45 Double Unders

20/15 Calorie Row

15 OH Squats 95/65

Mobility: Barbell Roll Out Quads + Foam Roll Lats


  1. 530
    Kyle 210/24:32rx
    Dave 2×285/9:07(2rx)
    Dan 155/20:25
    Jessica 170/17:27rx

    Kimberly 125/?? Hard work!
    Mairs 180/15:57rx
    Mo 160/?? Hard work!

    Sheila skill/12:15mod
    Jenn S 115/27:27mod
    Coach Jenn 125/-
    Coach Mel -/12:50rx
    Dan the man
    Heidi -/21:30

  2. 330
    Heather 170/16:06
    Stas 225/16:33
    Tommy 300/15:08rx
    Dennis 75/22:23
    Brian W 225/22:16rx

    Kris 150/16:40
    Jeff 195/18:48rx(3rds)
    Justin 205/17:19rx
    Michael G 275/19:25
    Mark 195/22:22
    Gary 195/22:04rx
    Sammy 12:57rx (Bike)

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