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Several of you have mentioned running out of carbs or protein or sometimes fat at the end of your day, before dinner. It happens, and usually its from un-balanced meals. It is a common thing when counting macros and such, so you aren’t alone.


When you first start out we sometimes will recommend that you divide each of your macros (Protein, Carb, and Fat). This can come in handy! So don’t be afraid to try it! Another question that has come up is how to eat around your workouts. Typically prior to working out you want to consume low fat, and average protein/carbs (based on your numbers). So this would mean one of your meals earlier in the day or later (depending on when you workout) will have more fat content. Nothing wrong there! insert PEANUT BUTTER…

Same rule of thumb goes for your meal after working out. Low fat, reasonable Protein/Carb. You could also evenly portion that fat out in your other meals if you plan it right. It all comes down to planning. Once you have done this for awhile it gets MUCH easier! I promise. You will know what you need and what you can have given when you workout or what have you.

Personally when I work out I immediately after have a protein shake and some form of carb with low to no fat. Try it out this week and see how it goes for you!

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