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I LOVE Greek Chicken…if you haven’t tried it you MUST! I could potentially eat there every day, however, I wont…even if I want too! So I decided to make my own take on their Chicken Pita.. It is one of my favorite items on their menu!

Now I have to give credit where it is due…Brooke, our fellow Crossfit Pride Strong Girl gave me this idea for a marinade for chicken…And at first I thought she was nuts, until I tried it.


I purchased Boneless skinless chicken tenders from Sprouts. (Super Cheap and easy to BBQ)

Insert Brooke’s crazy idea here. Grab pickle juice. You know the stuff that sits in your fridge and you may have a pickle or two floating in it…Well take it and dump the juice into a large freezer zip lock bag. Insert chicken tenders. Zip it up. Toss it in your fridge. I let mine sit for 24hours. Of course you don’t have too, but it was worth it…

BBQ those tenders up a couple minutes to each side..cover and let them set for at least 5min once being removed from the BBQ

Chop up Roma Tomatoes, wash some lettuce leaves or use pre-bagged shredded lettuce, feta cheese (depending on your macros you can use low fat to no fat feta and it actually isn’t too bad), chop up some red onion and assemble your Pita! We buy Greca Pitas from Sprouts. You get a gazillion, but I do love me a good Pita..

Macros vary per serving as you can weigh your chicken and of course add ingredients according to your personal allotment and enjoy!

OH!! I also get the Greek Yogurt Tzatziki Sauce with garlic and dill at Sprouts too! Super Amazing macros!! Or ANY of the Bolthouse Farms Dressings work great too!

Ok, now enjoy!

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