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Protein Sources

Welcome to Day 4 of the Nutrition Challenge, how is everyone doing? We have quite a large group here and I am excited to help you all along the way for the next 6 weeks! One of the main questions I have gotten this week thus far, is What Protein Options do I have…I can’t seem to hit my protein number.

Breakfast: Egg Whites, Yogurt (Dannon Light and Fit is a great one), Lean Meats (Chicken, ground Turkey, Turkey Bacon, etc). Protein drinks fro those of you who have a hard time eating first thing. Also, some protein bars are great sources as well. Oh Yeah, Quest, and Perfect Bars to name a few..

Lunch/Dinner: Deli Meats, all the major protein sources (Steak, Chicken, Turkey Beast, Salmon, and Tuna to name some).

Remember this is your first week, if you are new to Macro counting don’t push it aside just yet. Keep playing with your food. As you enter items into your app they will become a “frequently used” list and adding them to your daily intake will be less cumbersome. If you can not find an item you can always ask google and see what resources it provides you with. My Fitness Pal has a fairly large list of foods that are relatively accurate for counting. As always though, text me! Ask those questions. After all this IS what you paid for! I am here to help!

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