Daily WOD

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Open Gym 9:30am-11:30am

Lifting 5:30pm

4 x 400m Runs

Rest 2 minutes between efforts

Score fastest time

3 Rounds For Time of:

21 Sit Ups

14 SA DB Push Jerks 50/35

*alternating arms * 12 min time cap

Suggested Mobility: IT Band stretch/ roll out, Ear to Shoulder stretch, Pigeon Stretch


  1. 530
    Sue 2:15/5:28rx
    Jen R 2:09/5:51
    Jenn S 1:37/4:27
    Cindi 2:02/6:26
    Rhona 1:39/5:31
    Rich 2:20/7:56
    Cleve 2:19/7:43
    Todd 1:50/4:36rx
    Matt W 1:33/4:09rx
    Coach Kyle work

    Kimberly 1:39/4:51
    Greg 1:49/6:13rx
    Christa 2:02/4:34
    Cory 1:18/7:16rx
    Justin H 1:23/4:21/4:21rx

    Lucy 1:28/3:04rx
    Coach Mel 1:36/4:41rx
    Nicole death by burpee 15+14rx
    Kk back squat /we’d wod 13:08rx
    Jake lift
    Coach Kim 1:56row/4:18rx
    Coach Jenn 1:37/3:23rx
    Brooke 2:05/6:18rx
    Liz 1:51/8:24rx
    Heidi 1:30/5:11rx

  2. 330
    Stas 1:08pr/4:27rx

    Chris C 1:14/2:50rx
    Gary 1:50/3:49rx
    Michele 1:59/4:24rx
    James C 1:16bike/4:20rx
    Krystin 1:53/5:02
    Dom 1:30/3:59
    Josh alt work
    Nikki 2:12row/4:58
    Sammy lift

  3. CrossFit Pride says:

    Scotts 1:42/5:11

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