Daily WOD

Yes I ask you to weigh yourself for your check ins, BUT that number isn’t the one determining fact for what I change or don’t change moving forward. The scale can vary during all times of the day. For example, myself, I will fluxuate 5-7 pounds in a given day. It is not added fat. It would take me eating well over 17,000 calories to accomplish that feat. No thanks! Right now we are in our summer. Things this year are hot and humidity is higher for us Californians. So do not be discouraged if nothing changed or even went up. This process can take 2 weeks to start and your body is changing, provided you are hitting your macros daily. The more consistent you are, the better the results.

Why do I ask you about your sleep? Sleep is KEY in recovery and weight loss. Your body needs sleep to regenerate, your brain needs the rest, your emotional well being gets re-energized. There are so many benefits there. Aim to get at least 7-8 hours a night if possible. This may require some work on your part. Studies have shown that creating a bedtime routine can help in weight loss and muscle growth. One of the BIGGEST detriments to bad/poor sleep is scrolling on your phone prior to bed. See this week if you can put all those items away, TV included, an hour prior to your bedtime. Read a book, do some stretching, if you enjoy journaling do that, you can even write out a to-do list for the following day. You would be surprised how this will help your brain and body when it is time to go to bed.

Stress… Stress can cause a lot of things to not move. Weight loss and stress do play a role together. Right now is such a weird time and life isn’t how it was, so most of us are stressed just with that. Do your best to focus on what you can control. You can control your food, you can control your bedtime, you can control getting a workout done, you can show up for you. That is precisely what you need to keep doing. If it was easy to lose weight everyone would do it. There is no magic pill, it takes consistency. Your body needs to feel the same things over and over to know, oh this is what we are doing. You cannot out exercise a bad diet. You truly cannot.

This week I challenge you all to choose something to impliment for the week. Is it shutting off the electronics before bed? Reading a book instead of scrolling? Trying a new recipe for the week? Trying Yoga? Do something out of the norm, stick with in for the week and just see what it does for you!

I am here for you guys, anything you need or questions you have, please just let me know! Have a great week and keep on kickin butt!

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