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Need a good at home mobility routine? I usually don’t plug other companies unless I like them, have tried, them or know that they are out there for good reason. With that said, ROMWOD is a GREAT company! Some of you may see it advertised with athletes or on your social media etc.. Well I am here to tell you that they are the real deal. Their program is inexpensive to subscribe to, workouts are all ROMWOD’s (Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day) The daily Wod is typically about 15-20min, long Wods on Thursday’s. They also allow you to customize routines by selecting areas that are tight and it pulls up a routine for you to follow. They even have short 5-10min. ANYTHING is better than nothing! I do them at night when the kids go to bed, or sometimes with them. Over all its another added benefit to your health and longevity with sport. They currently offer a free 7 day trial and I encourage you to give them a shot.


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