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6 Days In… How are you feeling?

This first 7 Days can be frustrating and complicated and you are not alone! Generally this process takes a good two weeks to get a good handle on your numbers and meals, so rest assured it gets easier!!

One question that has come up, is having a glass of wine or a beer etc. How do you calculate this and how do we track it?

It requires you to do a bit of research. Figure out how many ounces you are going have, then search for the total calories in that amount of wine/beer… You can track drinks one of two ways. The first is if you decided to track it as a Carb, then take the total calories and divide that by 4. The answer, is the number of Carbs in your drink. If you would rather track this as a Fat, then take the total calories for the drink and divide it by 9. That answer would be your Fat to track for the drink.

In the Macros+ App you will need to manually add the above. All you will track is either the Carb or the Fat. Not both. So you can see how it will fit your day.

The biggest thing to remember is its always better to pre-plan if at all possible. So for instance you know on the weekend you will be going out for a friends birthday…look up the menu before hand and decide what you will have. (Many times nutritional info will be on line…) Add these into your app for that day and then just eat around that meal. This way you have your meal and drink fit for your occasion and you don’t have to feel guilty or like your cheating as you have accounted for it and eaten accordingly.


Remember this is all about being flexible and every day life. Happy Sunday!

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