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Why You Should Check In?

It has been a bad week and you had several drinks with friends, or you went out and decided to say Screw it to your numbers, or maybe you under ate because you felt bad about the day before, or you feel like your loss less than a pound isn’t anything to report?…Do any of these sound familiar?

We are all human and if you are feeling any of the above it might suggest we need to take a hard look at your relationship with food. Say yesterday you indulged too much and so therefore today you figure you will under eat in carbs or fat to make up for it. DONT. Stop your thinking right there. Don’t think you need to work out extra hard the following day, or that you failed, or that maybe this challenge was a bad idea. Just DON’T! You are like every other person on this planet. You are Normal, You are Human… It is going to happen and I am here to tell you its OK. Don’t stress over your check in. Just Check In.

Many times if we decide to under eat then the entire week will consistently go down hill because your body is then completely confused as to when its going to get fuel. Therefore, it starts to hold on to fat in the event you don’t feed it. It needs consistency. So you had a bad day, its ok, you get a new day. Each day you wake up you get to start fresh!

Maybe you don’t want to tell me about your week because you think I might judge you or have something negative to add? Nope, a check in is a sounding board for you. You can tell me as much as you want and why and get it off your chest. It feels better to talk about it and get ideas or even just motivation for your next week. Yesterday I went over in my fat and carbs by 20+, but it is what it is.. I get a new start today! And I am ok with that. So we want to get you to that point too!

Some of you have been reporting that you are only down this or down that. A pound or even .3 is a loss! This is not a fast moving train, AND your body is losing inches even when the scale doesn’t look like much, TRUST ME… if you are following the program it IS WORKING. Just you wait and see.

I am here for you. I am here for suggestions, to listen, to give you motivation, to help. Use that, its part of what you paid for. So why not!? Good or Bad Weeks, just show up and be true with yourself, you will find that it becomes very freeing!

You all are doing really well and I am completely pleased with everyones progress. Everyone is EXACTLY where they should be!

Remember the more I know, the more I can help!

Happy Sunday!! If you need anything, I am a text away!


  1. 🙂 Thanks Jenn for all that you are doing!

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