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Our First Runner Up!

Taylor blew her Baseline Wod out of the water and her transformation was quite evident not only in her photos above, but her performance in her day to day Wod’s has been so fun to watch…Taylor was in the challenge to gain muscle and tone up… Here are Taylor’s words regarding the Nutrition Challenge… Enjoy!


Goal: Maintenance – Gain Muscle Mass 

I love doing these nutrition challenges because it opens your eyes to what you’re capable of achieving. My mindset of Crossfit has changed from being an activity I could do with my husband, to an activity that builds my confidence and betters myself – physically and mentally. These challenges take you through a whirlwind of emotion, but my favorites were of empowerment and pride.


Food-Wise: I learned what they say about eating better is true; your food intake really does make a huge difference. I’m the type of person that doesn’t need a lot of variety when it comes to food, so I found foods that worked and stuck with them. After my weekly check-ins, I would look at my upcoming plans for the week and plan out which 1-2 days would make the most sense to have a cheat meal. I was experiencing improvement during my workouts, but the best part was the vast improvement in my energy level and mood. 

huge THANK YOU to the coaches and the gym’s support for pushing me out of my comfort zone and accomplishing things I never thought were possible!

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