Daily WOD

7:30am Open Gym

8:30am Team WOD / 8:30am Cycle

9:30am CrossFit / NO YOGA

“Do you want to build a snowman”

In Teams of 3, Using Plates Build your Snowman:

You Must Use 3-45# 2-35# 3-25# 4-15# 3-10# stack anyhow. Only 1 plate can be moved at a time. Each time a plate is placed you will Run 400m immediately following placement, until your snowman is stacked with all the weight plates listed.

Once your Snowman is stacked your entire team will Accumulate 260 KB Swings 53/35.

9:30am Individual WOD

4 Rounds For Time of:

20 OH Walking Lunges 45/25

20 WTD Sit Ups 45/25

400m Run


  1. Sue 20:04rx
    Kimberly 17:16rx
    Scott L 19:56rx
    Jaime 17:23bike
    Bri 17:35
    Jess 17:14bike
    Kyle work
    Jeff work
    Mikayla alt wod
    Tommy team Wod
    Chris team Wod
    Mel team Wod
    Heather team Wod
    Jenn S 18:47rx
    Kris 17:35rx
    Charolette 20:00
    Joel 21:05
    Jess 20:47mod

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