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Seems to me, after doing several of these challenges over the years there is one common theme I hear. “The weekend is so hard!” Is this you?

I get it, you are good all week and really tried so hard. Maybe you had your check in and lost some weight and your feeling good! Then the weekend comes and you over indulge or you don’t track a whole day, have some drinks with friends, or an unexpected night out. LIFE HAPPENS GUYS and its ok! 

Trust me, if you get on the scale Monday am and freak over a few pounds gained that you had just lost, chances are its all water weight and somewhat inflammation from what you chose to eat over the weekend. With that said it may make your progress slowed, but progress is progress. Recognize what went on over the weekend. Own it. Then move on. I kid you not, each day is a new day. But we have to really try daily. The people who succeed in these challenges are the ones ready for change within themselves. I can give you tools, ideas, recipes, be your sounding board, offer advice and support you 110%, but if your heart isn’t in it, it just isn’t and you may not get what you want out of it. This process works, if you do. Ask around.

Alcohol. How does that fit? How do I track it?…Some of you may of tried to look items up on google or in the app or even my fitness pal and it shows you that glass of wine is 4carbs…Well there is a formula you need to use and you will have to manually add your drink or drinks to your app.

You can add a drink one of two ways. Either as a Carb or a Fat. Not both. If you are going to add it as a fat, you need to determine the total calories for whatever it is that you are drinking. (Sometimes we need to estimate but error on the side of higher than lower-or ASK ME) take those total calories and divide it by 9. Whatever the answer is, is the macro content for that drink. You then manually add it in and it’s tracked.

Now if you decide to track it as a Carb, maybe you don’t have a ton of fat available, take the total calories for the drink and divide that by 4. Whatever that number is, is what you will  input into your app for your said drink. So clear liquids will be lower calories (usually) and light beers will be lower on calories as well, so theres that. BUT if you have questions ask me. That’s what you paid for!

Cheers! to a GOOD weekend!



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