Daily WOD


7:30am Open Gym

8:30am Team WOD/Individual 8:30am Cycle

9:30am CrossFit/ SORRY NO YOGA

Deck of Cards: As a Team or Individual

Hearts- Box Jump Overs

Diamonds- Handstand Push Ups

Spade- Squat Cleans 155/105

Clubs- Pull Ups

Jokers- 50 Calorie Bike *25 Cals individual wod

Jack=11 Queen=12 King=13 Ace=4x100m relay(400m individual)


  1. Jeff Lift
    Nicole alt Wod
    Jenn S alt Wod
    Jaime/Susie/Jess 42:00
    Scott/Scott 46:50
    Bill alt Wod
    Kyle work
    Mikayla work
    Boys 47:06rx
    Girls 40:25
    Jenn/Mel work
    Tommy/Justin work
    Kris/Mark work

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