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Here are some items I pack when I travel and I know that have good food options will be so-so…

Protein Bars (my favorite are Perfect Bars/Oh Yeah Bars)

Beef Jerky (Just read the package for the best macro option)

Protein powder in small snack baggies already measured out.. Thank God my protein is chocolate otherwise I get some looks!

Single Serve instant rice containers, you can get them at any major food store and they just require a microwave, driving? Ask the 7-11 person to use the micro! Yes, I’ve done that!

Pretzels are a great snack, yes the sodium is a tad high, but great for munching.


Celery, Carrots, Single Serve PB, or even you PB2 lovers..

Oatmeal Single Serve, people will give you hot water and 7-11 has it too.. lol

My one treat that I love!! Is rice crispy treats…depending on where you are with your macros, you may or may not be able to fit one. Yes its sugar too, but good carbs and it’s a road trip after all!


These are just some of the MANY items out there. Check Pinterest for Macros Friendly Travel Snacks.. I swear that site has everything!



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