Daily WOD

Rhona, in her own words what this challenge was for her!

“I LOVE beer, bubbly, and baked goods…..A LOT! I’ve tried almost every “diet” out there but most limit things I enjoyed, leading to a vicious cycles of binge eating, cheat days, etc. Macro Counting has definitely improved my physique and kept my sanity. I often travel/fly for work and held hostage in day long meetings. Bringing along staples like protein bars, beef jerky, and being mindful about my macros motivated me to choose the right foods from the meeting buffet.

I have found my happy balance! Thank you, Coach Jenn, for teaching me that I don’t have to limit my food choices to improve myself!!!!

Thank you to the awesome competitors for their tips, support, and for making this challenge fun!


Great Job My Dear! More Before and Afters to Come! Keep Checking the Blog!

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