Daily WOD


RULES: This must be organized and controlled. Please do not show up with specific items set in your head that you will leave with. There are limitations to the equipment that is leaving the building and there is also limitations to how many pieces of equipment each person can take. Please if you have workout equipment at home use your equipment and make it work. So many of the same movements can be done using multiple different pieces of equipment and it is the same movement in the end. With that said, during this time we will not be programming any barbell workouts. You are welcome to take home your personal bar if you have one but you will need to tackle your own programming whether that’s old CFP archive WODs or the good ol’ cyber world wink! We will be providing warm ups you can choose from along with conditioning workouts and some accessory work that will be available as well. Please use or Group Private Facebook page to find these things. CFP FO LIFE is the FB group click to join and we will approve. Take this time to slow down your movements. think about the quality of your reps and how your body is moving. It is not ALWAYS about going fast and the heaviest weight friends. Focus on your core during and your range of motion which is SO very important. Our lives are in such a very different, scary and unpredictable place right now. CrossFit’s methodology is to train and prepare for the unknown and the unknowable. RIGHT NOW qualifies as the unknown and unknowable! – Stay Healthy, Stay Strong, Keep Moving

3, 2, 1, GO.. 5 Rounds For Time: Go outside and map out 50 feet to use!

100′ Bear Crawl

100′ Broad Jumps

100′ Walking Lunges

50 Air Squats

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