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The Winner….Luis!


I asked Luis to sum up his 6 week experience with the Summer Beach Body Nutrition Challenge and here is what he had to say….


My name is Louie Andrade and I wanted to share my experience in participating in Crossfit Pride’s 6 week Challenge.


For starters, this is my first time ever participating in this type of challenge. This experience made me realize how nutrition is the key to fat loss. Before, I assumed that working out was the most important factor. I thought if you worked out, weight and fat loss would naturally follow.  I was mistaken!


The initial challenge for me was nutrition education as I didn’t know where to begin. I got  a body fat test to get an initial baseline on my current body fat percentage was The information from this test along with Coach Jen’s guidance helped me kick start the program by setting a goal of how many macros I should consume for my specific body type. The first 2 weeks was my biggest challenge as my body was adjusting to my new nutrition plan. I planned my meals in advance and also tracked my food intake via the app My Macros. Meal tracking was also a challenge for me as it was time consuming and required a lot of effort. My family also incorporated healthy eating and we meal prepped family meals, which helped keep me on track and resist temptation. Weeks 3-6, were much easier as I had gotten into a rhythm and my body was adjusting to this lifestyle.


The timing of the challenge was tough as I stayed on the nutrition plan during tempting family foodie events ( Father’s Day and 4th of July). In the end, I learned consistency is key and sticking to Coach’s Jenn’s plan helped me achieve optimum results. I learned the value of nutrition education as foods that I once thought were healthy were not and it was certainly an eye-opening process. I appreciate the Coach Jenn for supporting me through this process and it’s just the start as I plan to incorporate what I have learned in this challenge in my every day life.   


Next time you see Luis, Make sure you give him a high five for his efforts and win!

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