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Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast!

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. Have you discovered Kodiak Cakes? There are various flavors, even a Gluten Free Option. If you are not Gluten intolerant you can also purchase these bad boys at Costco! Such a deal Mable!

We have a Costco box of the Kodiak Cakes at home and its the Protein Packed Buttermilk mix. One serving is a 1/2cup of mix, makes about 3 Four inch pancakes, or two really big ones! The macros just for the mix itself are Protein 14, Carbs 30, Fat 2… Sugar is only 3g and they have 5g of Fiber per serving! #winning

Enter in Sugar Free Syrup and you have yourself a fantastic Saturday Pancake Breakfast! Depending on your Macros you may be able to have butter, or other toppings like: raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries for instance.

Want more protein?? I add a half scoop of my protein powder and mix for some extra Protein! The pancakes will be a bit more dry this way so you have to play with the water to mix intake. Amazing right?


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