Daily WOD

No Open Gym Today, GS24 WOD @ 8:30am


Lifting 7:30am

GS24 WOD 8:30am

Cycle Box 8:30am

9:30am CrossFit  Scaled version of GS24 below

No Yoga

Teams of 2 – 4 rounds for time
800m run (Partner A)
50 wall balls (20/14) (Partner B)
50 alternating burpees (Partner A and B)
50 pull ups (split)
*Switch each round from Partner A to Partner B*
Partner A runs the 800m while Partner B completes 50 wall balls. When both partners finish their exercise, both partners will complete 50 alternating burpees. Once the burpees are completed, move to the pull ups and divide how you choose. Once the pull ups are completed, the partner who ran first is now completing the wall balls while the other runs.

In memory of fallen officer Jonathan “JD” De Guzman. “JD” was an officer with the San Diego Police Department Elite Gang Suppression Team. De Guzman, 43, was shot five times at close range died at Scripps Mercy Hospital. He is survived by a wife and two children.

The Widows & Orphans Fund is an important part of the San Diego Police Officers Association. In the tragic event of a member’s death, the Widows & Orphans Fund provides monetary support to the member’s beneficiary. The SDPOA Widows & Orphans Fund also provides assistance to our members in the case that they are faced with the loss of a spouse or child.

To Donate or for More Information Click here https://www.sdpoa.org/about-widows-orphans-fund/    

9:30am Scaled Version GS24

As an individual, 4 Rounds For Time of:

400m Run w/Med Ball

20 Wall Ball

15 Burpees

10 Pull Ups


  1. 730

    Mairs/Chris 46:40rx
    Jen R/Cindi 59:16
    Todd/Lisa 49:48rx wtd
    Liz/Amber 53:10rx
    Jess/Jaime 41:26
    Jenn S/Nicole/Bill 50:00

    Victoria 37:39 individual
    Jess 40:05 individual
    Nikki/Kelly 55:10 full hero Wod

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